We are a small mom and pop business that specializes in all natural products? Brazilian Pro was formed as a fluke. My 4 sister's and I went to Brazil and admired the women there. They were primarily all slim and had long and luxurious hair. After speaking to some of the women, we discovered they believed in all natural products. They told us about this shop that sells the all natural hair growth and diet pills. We brought some back to the states but found out it was difficult to buy more from Brazil.
We purchase all the natural herbs, capsules, packages and make our own labels. Each order is prepared freshly by us by hand. Therefore we know exactly what is in their products and there are no surprises.
We have extended their line to hair growth, diet pills, teen diet pills, water pills, menstrual & menopause relievers, asthma relievers, and arthritis pain relievers. We have been selling for a little over 2 years with great results. We are our own guinea pigs. If it doesn’t work for the 5 of us, how can it work for anyone else? All of these new products (garcinia cambogia- green coffee beans- raspberry ketones) that are being introduced to the market ,we have been using for over 2 years already.
We cater to the consumer's needs and budget. We offer a better products at a lower price. No fancy bottles just sealed clear bags and low to free shipping enables us to sell a at a low low price. Our goal is to make sure our products work. We are not selling just to make money. We are selling to help people reach their goals. Its time to put the pharmaceutical companies out of business. All natural is the way to go. All of our Brazilian Pro products work.